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Friends – thanks so much for taking the time to check out Sex Games For Android! If you're here because you're on a Google device and you want to enjoy some hot porn gaming entertainment, you've certainly hit the right spot and we look forward to serving you with what it is you desire. See, for the longest time, we've seen that gaming destinations have failed to offer people what they really want: the ultimate fusion of male preferences. What do we mean by that, exactly? Well, it only takes a second to realize that when it comes to what men want, the fusion of porn and video games really seems like a simple one. They're two desires that every guy on the planet has and we're looking to make it an absolute priority to service these two needs however we can. We can't comment on why other venues haven't picked up this desire, but we're going to show them that their loss is our gain. Fancy becoming a mobile gamer with access to the best titles around? Then you need to sign up to Sex Games For Android right now! We'll give you the hottest Android sex experiences and blow your mind with just how much interactive fun you can have on your mobile. Want more details? Read below and I'll fill you in!

Browser access to Sex Games For Android

Owing to the fact that the Android store makes it quite difficult for adult projects to get launched and recognized, we figured it would be best to ensure that everything we offer on Sex Games For Android was done through the browser. We're happy to report that right now, as we speak, there are 37 games inside – all of which are exclusive to the network. Better yet, you don't need to download anything locally in order to enjoy them, just make sure that you're running Chrome, Firefox, Safari or another modern browser and you ought to be good to go! This also means that if you happen to be on an iOS or even Windows PC, you'll be able to enjoy what it is we offer. The team has naturally optimized everything for Android machines, but given the fact that all you need is WebGL – and every browser has this function built in – you ought to be good to go. The brilliant thing about our approach is that we cannot be censored and we will always be able to bring you the most erotic and enjoyable gaming action with zero interactions. It also means that someone who picks up your phone isn't going to see an app called 'Sex Games For Android' and immediately clock you for a horny coomer. The best of both worlds, right? We sure as hell think this is a brilliant situation to be in, no less!

Your free account is waiting

One special element of Sex Games For Android is the fact that we're willing to give away what we have completely free of charge. A lot of paid projects right now are sinking ships – especially when gamers there realize that they've been swindled and don't want to return. Sex Games For Android is happy to offer what we have completely free of charge, because we genuinely believe that by giving you the best products, we can get the most amount of attention and gameplay out of our audience. We hate the idea of making someone pay for something and then delivering a sub-par experience, so yeah – it's built into the very structure of our community to show people what's good and then allow them to decide if they want to support our mobile porn gaming community. You can do so by purchasing supporter packs (no in-game advantages, so we're not pay to win) or connecting to one of our sponsors to make a purchase. We're humbled to have so many great members at the moment, but additions to this wouldn't be too shabby either. Want to see what we've got and decide for yourself if it's top-shelf stuff? Then please do!

Mobile optimization

As we're gearing the games we offer toward handheld devices, we've built them from the ground up with Android gamers in mind. This is done specifically for the purpose of giving them the best experience possible and removing all of the pain and suffering associated with other places offering adult games for mobile users. For a lot of those places, giving you a mobile port is an afterthought, so the craftsmanship is typically sub-par and not at all what we think is worthy of your attention. At Sex Games For Android, we put the mobile gamer right at the top of the list of our priorities, so you know that the end result is going to be pretty damn incredible. With the 35+ games we currently have, a large and loyal fanbase has already been established. One quick look at how packed our Discord server is ought to tell you that everything here is headed in the right direction. We've even got some exciting parody games coming out in the next 6 months that we keep dropping hints and teasers for on the official Discord server – join up and be the first to know when we ship these incredible games!

Final words from Sex Games For Android

I could wax lyrical on the benefits and advantages of Sex Games For Android all day long, but I think it's probably best that I take a break there and instead suggest that you come and take a look at what we have to offer with your own to eyes. The basis of our community is to give everyone – and anyone – the goodies they desire. That surely sounds like something you'd been keen on investing in, right? Well, stop wasting time with sub-par spaces that don't know how to put a smile on your face: get your ass into Sex Games For Android right now and we're going to send you on a mobile-based porn gaming adventure the likes of which you could only dream of! Cheers for coming along: enjoy your next fap!

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